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  • Co-Innovating Tomorrow

    From Automation to Autonomy: The Next Iteration of Industry

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    Co-Innovating Tomorrow

    Solutions for realizing well-being

    Life Innovation 
    Co-Innovating Tomorrow

    PRM achieves efficient asset maintenance that contributes to high plant operation availability.

    Plant Resource Manager(PRM) 
    Co-Innovating Tomorrow

    Profit-driven Operation promotes profitability by integrated plant performance management

    Profit-driven Operation 
    Co-Innovating Tomorrow

    The five elements of operational excellence

    OpreX brand site 
    Co-Innovating Tomorrow

    Digital Transformation accelerated by co-innovation

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    Read about actual cases where Yokogawa has helped leading companies in a variety of industries.

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    Discover the latest innovations in process control and applications.

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    Learn about a wide range of Yokogawa solutions that are being used to optimize plant operations.