Single Cellome Unit SU10

Breakthrough technology in single-cell analysis

Component system for microscopes which automates the penetration of a single cell with a nanopipette and offers features such as injection.
Low invasiveness enables injection and observation of live single cells.

Single cell analysis with low invasiveness




  • Low invasiveness achieved by using glass pipette with a tip diameter of approx. 100 nanometers.
  • Accurate positioning at and penetration of the target single cell by high-performance 3-axis actuator (XYZ directions).
  • Automated Z-direction control by cell surface detection based on continuous ion current measurement.
  • Controlled speed to minimize damage to cell from the penetration and retraction of the nanopipette.
  • Injection and aspiration*1 performed by a pump based on electrochemical phenomena.

*1 There are additional requirements for using the aspiration function. Please contact us for details.
*2 Inverted microscope is not included in this product.

Accurate Positioning

Long stroke movements (90 mm) and accurate positioning (set resolution of 1 nm) enabled by combining stepping motors and piezo electric actuator.

Accurate Positioning


Automatic cell detection and penetration with ion current measurement

Detection of approach of nanopipette tip to cell surface by ion current measurement.
Automatic penetraiton at a speed which minimizes damage to the cell.
Depth of penetration can be controlled.

Automatic cell detection and piercing with ion current measurement



Injection using the pump effect based on electroosmotic flow at tip of nanopipette.
Amount of injection controlled by the duration of applying a voltage pulse.



Aspiration and ejection using electrochemical phenomena (interface movement caused by voltage application) at interface between intracellular fluid and hydrophobic solution at tip of nanopipette.
*1 There are additional requirements for using the aspiration function. Please contact us for details.



Flexible Use

Component system which automates cell penetration operation, combined with inverted microscopes*2 of various manufacturers.
*2Inverted microscope is not included in this product.

Injection Process

The injection process is automatically performed in the Z direction after manual setting of the initial XYZ position.



Injection Example

Red fluorescent protein (RFP) injected for 0.5 seconds into cells indicated by arrows.

Injection Example


Item   Specification
Basic function Injection By electroosmotic flow at tip of nanopipette
Aspiration*1 By control of interface at tip of nanopipette
3-axis manipulator Coarse movement(Stepping Motor) Stroke:90mm/axis(setting resolution: 0.6μm)
Fine movement (Piezoelectric Element) Stroke:100μm/axis(setting resolution: 1nm)
Electronics head Voltage generation range -10V~+10V(setting resolution:1mV)
Current measurement range -100nA~+100nA
External dimensions and weight Main Controller 260(W) x 99(H) x 280(D) mm, approx. 2.5Kg
Piezoelectric Element Controller 236(W) x 88(H) x 273(D) mm, approx. 4.6kg
3-axis Manipulator 280(W) x 220(H) x 190(D) mm, approx. 2.5kg
Electronics Head 35(W) x 27(H) x 95(D) mm, approx. 0.2kg
Joystick 100(W) x 135(H) x 135(D) mm, approx. 0.5kg
Power consumption Main Controller + Piezoelectric Controller Max 100W
Ambient conditions for operation 15~35℃、20~70%RH without condensation

*1 There are additional requirements for using the aspiration function. Please contact us for details.

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